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***** ALL Food Thabiha Halal, no preservative added we use only  extra virgin Olive oil and Canola oil. Every thing home made from scratch.


Zater  Manosha $7.99

Pita bread soaked in extra virgin olive oil and middle eastern herbs (zatter with sesame seeds) Served with side of olives and Tzaziki. (add 1 ext zaater pita for $2)

Tortilla chips             $7.99

Fried Tortilla  served with Tzaziki OR  Hummus OR Baba Ghanosh OR  Middle East Garlic dipping.

French fries         $7.99

Golden extra crispy fries 

Falafel plate      $12.99

4 Fresh falafel made from scratch Served with Pita bread, hummus& green salad+veggie pickles & tahini sauce.

Appetizer sampler $12.99

4 Fresh Falafel Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Pita bread & tahini sauce.

Mezzah  plate (1) $16.99

Baba- Ghanoush, Hummus, Tabolah,4 Falafel, tahini sauce and Pita bread.

Mezzah plate (2)  $16.99

4 falafel, hummus, 4 dolma, tzaziki, tahini sauce & pita.

Tabolah  $9.99

Parsley, Tomato, Burgol, Onion  with olive oil and lemon.

Green salad   $8.99

Lettuce or cabbage with Fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives,veggie pickles. 

Dolma  $9.99

Grape leaves stuffed with rice served with green salad.


Bamia lamb shank $19.99

ZERO Okra cooked with lamb and tomato paste serving with basmati rice and pita bread.

Mansaf (National dish of JORDAN) (lamb shank) $19.99

Is traditional Arab dish made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried goat yogurt and served with rice and bread.

Laban dish    $19.99

Meat balls cooked in goat yogurt sauce cauliflower and potato Served with rice and bread.

Veggie plate         $16.99

Fried veggie (zucchini, eggplants, Onion, garlic, cauliflower) served with rice, green salad and French fries.

Bamia (no meat) $15.99

ZERO Okra cooked with tomato paste serving with basmati rice and pita bread.

Mansaf (no meat) $16.99

Is traditional Arab dish cooked in a sauce of fermented dried goat yogurt and served with rice and bread.

Kabab  Iskander  $19.99

Pieces of beef spread on pita bread served with Tzaziki and special tomato sauce.

Kabab Banjan $19.99

Fried sliced eggplants   with small patties of ground beef Cooked with special tomato sauce Served with rice and pita bread.


Tika Lamb $19.99

Grilled Cube of spiced lamb with onion-tomato served with pita bread, Baba-ghanoush, Hummus, veggie pickles.


Tika Chicken $16.99

Grilled Cube of spiced white meat chicken with onion-tomato served with pita bread, baba- ghanoush, hummus& veggie pickles.

Kufta Kabab      $17.99

Grilled seasoned ground beef with onion-tomato served with pita bread, Baba- ghanoush,Hummus & veggie pickles.

Mashawi dish       $19.99

 Seasoned  1- Kufta Kabab ,

 1-Tika chicken, Tomato, onion served with pita bread, Baba- ghanoush and Hummus& veggie pickles (it is good for one person)






Is a truly delicious green leaves used as a vegetable in the Middle East, they look like mint but taste somewhat like spinach or somewhat nothing like spinach but you know what I mean

cooked with chicken, and served with rice and Pita bread.


Maklubah   $17.99

Chicken cooked with fried eggplants and rice served with salad or Tzaziki.



Hot tea            $5  

Home made tea that includes Cardamom, Sage, Gloves, Cinnamon, Ginger and Tarragon.(we don't use tea bags we make our own mix)


 Ice tea             $5  Refill $3

A special tea that includes Cardamom, Sage, Gloves, Cinnamon, Ginger and Tarragon.


Sahlab              $6

A very traditional drink that consist of milk, vanilla rose water orange blossom.

Topped with coconuts and pistachio and special syrup.

Karkadee          $5   Refill $3

  (Cold or Hot)  

 Temer Hindi               $5

Turkish coffee              $5 

Turkish coffee (2go)       $6

 Fountain drinks  can   $2.50

Fountain drinks bottle  $3.50

 Milk                   $2,50

 Karak Tea            $6

Tea+milk with Cardamom

Bottled water $1.50


Baklaweh $2.49

Famous all over the world, this delicate flaky pastry is filled with pecan and cinnamon or peanuts or carrot and coconuts or the original pistachio.


Kunafeh  $3.99

Also spelled Kunafah, is a Levantine pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup, stuffed with Pistachio

 or with other ingredients such as clotted cream.

Roz Bellaban  $7.99

 ( Arabic rice pudding) 


Ma’amoul $3.00

Cookies filled with tasty dates.


Halwet Aljeben $4.99

Syrian traditional dessert made of special cheese, semolina and homemade cream (Qeshtah).





Pasmatti rice   $6.99

small P. rice    $3.99


Tzaziki dipping OR Baba-ghanoush OR Hummus OR Middle east Garlic dipping (Thomiah)  with Pita bread $7.99


 5 Falafel + Hummus (ground chickpea with parsley, cilantro, garlic and onion) $7.99

Lentil soup $9.99

      4 Sambosa+Tzaziki   $11.99

Dough stuffed with veggie. 

4  Kibbeh+Tzaziki    $11.99  

(Made of (bulgur OR rice (gluten free)), minced onions, and finely ground lean beef, with Middle Eastern spices)


Extra portion Cup Tzazziki  $1

garlic dip    $1

tahini  $1

Extra portion cup various pickles $3 

Extra skewer of Tika chicken        $6.99

 when you order the first skewer of chicken the

 2nd skewer of Tika chicken will be at $4.99


Extra skewer of Kufta Kabab              $7.99 

when you order the first skewer of kufta the

 2nd skewer of Kufta Kabab will be at  $5.99

Extra 2nd skewer of Tika lamb          $8.99

when you order the first skewer of tika lamb the

 2nd skewer of Tika lamb will be at      $6.99

Extra onion or tomato $2

Extra pita $1.00 


Gyro rice    $13.99

(Gyro meat over rice, side of salad and veggie pickles,Tzaziki and pita)

add 3 falafel for only $2

Gyro Hummus  $13.99

(gyro meat over Hummus with pita and

add 3 Falafel for only $2

Gyro Salad      $13.99

(gyro meat over a green salad, veggie pickles includes Tzaziki with pita

add 3 Falafel for only $2

Gyro Fries $13.99 

(gyro meat beef and lamb +fries+salad,veggie pickles, Tzaziki and pita) add 3 falafer for only $2 extra

Gyro Combo $13.99


add 3 falafel for only $2  

 Extra 1/4 pound of gyro $5.99


            Kids Menu

Gyro fries $11.99

gyro, fries, salad, Tzazzki and pita

Tika chicken $12.99

Grilled chicken served with fries&pita.

Falafel Plate $9.99

3 Falafel, Hummus, served with fries. 

Quesadilla cheese & fries $9.99

add gyro beef&lamb for extra $2

Prices may change due to inflation

Lunch Menu

11:00 am-4:00 pm


         Sandwiches Wrap

(Add (fries + drink)  to your sandwich     $6   

Falafel sandwich                $10

(falafel,lettuce,tomato,cucumber,veggie pickles,onion&tahini sauce vegan)                

Gyro (beef+lamb)  sandwich  $10

beef & lamb, lettuce,beggie pickles,onion and tzaziki

Chicken sandwich                $10 

lettuce,veggie pickles,onion,garlic dip


Chillfry sandwich                  $11

lettuce,veggie pickles,onion,tomato,tahini sauce


kufta kabob                         $11

lettuce, veggie pickles,onion,tomato, tahini sauce

  for gluten free choice, instead ofthe pita, just add rice (or) 4 falafel (or) extra salad for  $4                                         


 Tabolah  (vegan) parsley,tomato,bulgur groats,onion,olive oil            $6  Green salad  (vegan) lettuce,tomato,cucumber,veggie pickles,onion,olives $6

French Fries              $6

4 Falafel + hummus + tahini sauce  $8

4 dolma + tzaziky + 1 pita     $7 

2 zaater pita with taziki    $7                           

Hummus + one  pita( OR) tortilla chips                $6

Baba Ghanoush + one pita( OR) tortilla chips       $7

Tzaziki + one pita (OR) tortilla chips          $6

Garlic dip + one pita(OR) tortilla chips      $6

Basmati rice     $4

3 falafel, tahini, pita               $7

1/4 gyro beef &lamb             $6

5 seasons plus pita (hummus,baba,tzaziki,4dolma,4falafel) 

             Dishes  $14

Gyro plate ( beef&lamb over lettuce, taziki, hummus,pita) add side of rice (OR) salad and veggie pickles.

Chicken curry plate over rice & pita


Hot tea                                              $4 

Turkish coffee  take out       $6

Yogurt mint drink               $5

Soft drink bottle                $3.50

Rose drink                      $4

Dates blossom drink         $4

Ice tea                           $4

Sparkle water               $3.50

Water                                   $1.50

(( Turkish coffee and yogurt mint drink does not come with the combo wrap))


           Side sauces

Extra taziki  $1  Extra garlic dip $1  Extra pita $1 Tahini $1









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